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2018 Season

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Promotional Picture
Monday 10 December : 7.30pm
Tuesday 11 December : 7.30pm

Raising The Roof : An Evening Of Dom's Best Bits

Raising the Roof - An Evening of Dom's Best Bits Promotional Picture
Saturday 1 December : 7.30pm
Sunday 2 December : 7.30pm


Sunjay Promotional Picture
Monday 19 November : 7.30pm

Sunday Afternoon Play Reading

Play Reading Promotional Picture
Sunday 18 November : 2.00pm

The Giant Killers

The Giant Killers Promotional Picture
Saturday 20 October : 7.30pm
Sunday 21 October : 7.30pm

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray Promotional Image
Friday 28 September : 7.30pm
Saturday 29 September : 7.30pm

The Power Behind The Crone

The Power Behind the Crone Promotional Picture
Wednesday 26 September : 7.30pm
Thursday 27 September : 7.30pm

The Time Machine

The Time Machine Promotional Picture
Monday 24 September : 7.30pm
Tuesday 25 September : 7.30pm

Gulliver Returns

Gulliver Returns Promotional Picture
Saturday 22 September : 7.30pm
Sunday 23 September : 7.30pm

The Budapest Café Orchestra

The Budapest Cafe Orchestra 2018 Promotional Picture
Monday 17 September : 7.30pm

Shakespeare In The Garden : As You Like It

As You Like It Promotional Picture
Friday 27 July - SOLD OUT
Saturday 28 July : 6.30pm

The Kaiser and I

The Kaiser and I Promotional Picture
Saturday 7 July : 7.30pm
Sunday 8 July : 7.30pm

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights Promotional Picture
Saturday 16 June : 7.30pm
Sunday 17 June : 7.30pm

Remembering Chet

Remembering Chet Promotional Picture
Friday 8 June : 7.30pm

Dad's Army Radio Hour

Dad's Army Radio Hour Promotional Picture
Sunday 3 June 2018 : 7.30pm

The Fields Of War

The Fields Of War Promotional Picture
Wednesday 30 May : 7.30pm


Chaotica Promotional Picture
Saturday 26 May : 7.30pm

Edinburgh Quartet

The Edinburgh Quartet Promotional Picture
Friday 11 May : 7.30pm

Woman On Fire

Woman on fire promotional picture
Friday 27 April : 7.30pm

Myths of the Vikings

Myths of the Vikings Promotional Picture
Monday 9 April : 3.00pm

Under Milk Wood - Semi-Skimmed!

Under Milkwood Promotional Picture
Monday 2 April : 7.30pm
Tuesday 3 April : 7.30pm

Jacquie Crago Workshop for Actors

Jacquie Crago Promotional Picture
Saturday 24 March
10.00am to 4.30pm