Robert Ross: A Funny Way to Make a Living

Britain’s foremost comedy historian shares memories of working with famous British comedy stars
Thursday 29 August : 7.30pm

Robert Ross is Britain’s foremost comedy historian. He is a frequent guest broadcaster on radio and television, and is the author of over twenty books on comedy. He is the official consultant for the Carry Onfranchise, and has written several scripts for the Doctor Who audio collection.

Robert has been writing about the history and stars of British comedy for over twenty years, and in that time he has worked with and interviewed such heroes as Frankie Howerd, Rik Mayall, Norman Wisdom, Bob Monkhouse, all three Goodies, and most of Monty Python to name but a few.

More used to interviewing famous people, the spotlight is now turned on Robert as he will be in conversation with Rebecca Vaughan, star of acclaimed sell-out solo shows Dalloway, Orlando, Christmas Gothic, Austen’s Women and Jane Eyre: An Autobiography.

In this special fundraising event for The Swallow Theatre roof appeal (see page 11), Robert will share fond and frank stories and memories of some of Britain’s comedy greats.

…the top chronicler of British comedy…
Howard Maxford, Film Review