Sunday Afternoon Play Reading

Join us as we read ‘The Government Inspector’, a 19th Century satirical play by Nikolai Gogol

Sunday 9 February : 2.00pm

Admission Free

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A warm welcome awaits you at The Swallow Theatre.

First staged in 1836, ‘The Government Inspector’ has been performed many times since, in a variety of settings. Nabokov called it the greatest play in the Russian language. In a small town at the back of beyond, corruption is rife and the Mayor and his cronies have got it made. But when they learn that they’re going to be subject to an undercover government inspection, they panic. Although nearly two hundred years old, Gogol’s satirical comedy has lost none of its bite.

These enjoyable play reading afternoons are great for anyone who wants to join in reading a script, reading different character parts and learn a little about the background to the play.

No experience necessary

Tea and coffee provided

Admission Free

(Suggested donation towards costs £3)