The Whirlybird

A charming, ecologically-driven ugly duckling tale, told through storytelling, music and puppetry.
Sunday 31 March : 2.00pm
Suitable for ages : 3 to 7
Presented as part of the Puppet Animation Festival and supported by Dumfries & Galloway Arts Live
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Eco Drama

Picture of the whirlybird seedA curious creature, ricketie-racketie on ground
But in flight, a wildlife spectacle – a blizzard of wings,
perfect elliptical twirls, a mass of orange and browns
And a cacophony of sound!

The whirlybird cannot fly like the rest of the birds. It’s clumsy, it’s loud and does not like straight lines! Everything for the whirlybird happens in circles and twirls, in flips and tumbles. It yearns to fit in and fly smoothly with the flock, experiencing the beautiful sights that the other birds see when soaring through the sky. Encouraged by its friend, the old and wise sycamore tree, the bird starts on a journey to discover its wings, but will it ever find a way truly to fly?

Finding inspiration in nature and the wonder of flight, this charming, ecologically-driven ugly duckling tale, told through storytelling, music and puppetry and set in a beautiful birds’ nest made of willow, celebrates the differences which make us unique.

The Whirlybird is created in partnership with Platform and with support from Creative Scotland.

Puppet Animation Festival LogoThis production is part of The Puppet Animation Festival.
Supported by Puppet Animation Festival and Dumfries & Galloway Arts Live


60 Minutes
…manages to keep its audience of tinies enthralled simply through some excellent storytelling…a sweet little piece which will give younger children a gentle introduction to ecology but, more importantly, keep them engaged and amused for the whole 60 minutes.
★★★★★ Broadway Baby on The Worm, Eco Drama’s previous production for children aged 3-7 year’s
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