Find The Lady

Find The Lady

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Saturday 29 July : 7.30pm
Sunday 30 July : 7.30pm

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Tickets : £13.50

Friends’ Early Bird : £12.50
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As the train leaves the station and sweeps away into the night, Iris Carr, a lonely young lady on a journey across Europe to London, becomes involved in a hazardous and exciting adventure. She befriends middle aged spinster Miss Froy, but while Iris is having a doze Miss Froy disappears, but……….no-one seems to know her…… no-one seems to remember her……. and no-one knows where she is!

A funny and exciting romp freely adapted by a Stuart Fortey, the pen behind the award-winning Holmes and Watson: The Farewell Tour, and Up Frankie.

Inspired by ‘The Wheel Spins’ – the story behind Hitchcock’s classic film ‘The Lady Vanishes’

Starring and directed by Swallow Theatre’s audience favourite Dominic Goodwin.