Every Wild Beast and Night Creature

Every Wild Beast and Night Creature

Every Wild Beast and Night Creature

Every Wild Beast and Night Creature Promotional Picture

Friday 30 June : 7.30pm

Saturday 1 July : 7.30pm

2017 Archive

Casey Jay Andrews writer of My Friend Peter returns to The Swallow Theatre with her latest plays Every Wild Beast and Night Creature.

Recommended Age : 12+

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Weaved from folklore and fable EVERY WILD BEAST tells a tale about courage, curiosity and running away from really big scary things. This is not a love story, this is an adventure.

This is a play for anyone who’s ever been scared; for anyone who’s ever had regrets; for anyone who’s ever encountered that sinking feeling that they just might not matter. Every Wild Beast confronts the fears, regrets and paralysing insecurities that colour so many of our lives. It investigates the courage it takes to rise above external expectations and internal barriers. At its heart Every Wild Beast says it’s okay to be scared; scared of anything, of everything, even of yourself. You can’t change the past, you can face the future. We join Barri and Sam in a dystopian alternate reality; a world not entirely unlike our own.

Every Wild Beast is based on the Korean Shaman myth of the abandoned Princess Bari and the Korean folk story of the sun and the moon.


NIGHT CREATURE is the retelling of an ancient Greek myth about a pretty nymph turned monster; a story about losing yourself to the dark blue sea. Folklore and legend collide with 21st century characters as the myth of Scylla comes to life through poetry, storytelling and a live electronic score.

You didn’t make this monster. It was already here.

This is a play confronting the stigma of mental illness and the damage of beauty standards. An exploration of an angry young woman working out her place in the world and finding a voice that refuses to accept the cards she has been dealt. It is a feminist call to arms to dismiss the glamorisation of eating disorders and really look at the impact this has on young women today.

Night Creature is told through fable and music; a new world comes to life in the imagination of the listener.

Written and performed by Casey Jay Andrews, who wrote and performed ‘My Friend Peter’ which charmed Swallow Theatre audiences in April 2016. Directed by Steve McCourt and Mark Hooper.