The Swallow Theatre Association

The Swallow Theatre Association
Scottish Charity SC026959

The Swallow Theatre Association is the affiliated charity to The Swallow Theatre.

The Swallow Theatre is privately owned and operated. Working alongside The Swallow Theatre Association and other organisations allows the venue to offer a wider range and number of events to this rural community than would otherwise be possible.

The Swallow Theatre Association is a registered charity whose stated objects are “to advance the education of the public in the performing and visual arts by the presentation of plays and other literary, educational and cultural purposes connected therewith”.

The Association presents drama and music at The Swallow Theatre and other local venues.

Many of the performances that take place at The Swallow Theatre would not be possible without the support of The Swallow Theatre Association. Events which would otherwise be financially unviable are funded by the generous support of arts charities, charitable trusts, local organisations, donations from individuals and the proceeds of fundraising events. The Association also funds a week-long annual Youth Drama Summer School and supports local initiatives for young people and anyone interested in the arts.

The Association is managed by an elected committee of Trustees and membership entitles you to be nominated as a Trustee and attend and vote at the AGM which is usually held in April each year.

£3 of each of The Swallow Theatre Friends scheme subscription (individual or household) will be passed over to The Swallow Theatre Association.

Donations to the work of The Association are always welcome and if you would like to make one please complete the form below or download, print and send your donation to the address shown on it.

If you’d like to get involved with the behind the scenes activities of the The Swallow Theatre Association, or simply to find out more about the charity please click the Email button below.

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Donations to The Swallow Theatre Association are always welcome and gratefully received. They make an enormous contribution in allowing us to present performances and new works that would otherwise be unviable, and in doing so support the performing arts.

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