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Armour: A Herstory of the Scottish Bard

Fearless Players
Available to view from midday Friday 22 January to 10pm Sunday 31 January

A warm and witty musical about the women behind the bard. The music of Robert Burns, woven with original compositions.

After the death of Robert Burns, his wife Jean Armour and mistress Nancy Maclehose finally meet.

Female-led theatre company Fearless Players bring an all-female production dedicated to the women behind Scotland’s history.

Jean and Nancy inspired some of Burns’ most famous work: after years of songs being written about them, it’s time for their story to be told.

Using the well-known music of Robert Burns, woven with original compositions, this new musical gives a voice to the women behind the bard.

Book, music and lyrics by Shonagh Murray

Duration : Approximately 65 minutes
"A marvellous addition to Scottish theatre. It’s a historical drama about the perils of celebrity, with beautifully nuanced writing and acting, as well as heart-lifting music. It’s also gloriously funny."
Three Weeks
"...tugs at the heartstrings ..."
Broadway World
"Armour is an exceptionally mature piece of writing. It’s sentimental without being schmaltzy, and is underscored with a strong, feminist message."
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We are suggesting a donation of £5 per household viewing where possible, but it is free to watch for those who are struggling in these tough times.

Armour: A Herstory of the Scottish Bard



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About the recording

We are making available an archive recording of a performance in front of a live audience at The Swallow Theatre.

The recording was not made with the intention of being shared or broadcast: it was made purely for archive purposes. However, in these strange times in which theatres across the UK are closed to audiences, we would like share it with you.

The theatre company has kindly given their permission for us to do this.

The recording was made using a single fixed camera that captures a full view of the stage. It gives a slightly elevated view, similar to sitting at the rear of our auditorium. As there are no cuts between cameras, you get to choose what to look at, as you would at a live performance.

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