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The Swallow Theatre was created from a converted byre over 25 years ago. Exposed to the fiercest of winds, rains and summer heat, the agricultural type roof had started to show its age, with increasing damage and wear and tear, and needed to be replaced.

In 2018 we started fundraising to meet the cost of just over £20,000. By April 2021 we had raised over 70% from kind and generous theatre supporters and local organisations. With the theatre still shut due to Covid restrictions, we decided to go ahead and get the work done.

The Swallow Theatre now has a watertight, strong, and shiny new roof!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped us.

We are continuing our fundraising in order to replenish the theatre reserves. We are a private enterprise and have to cover all our costs from ticket sales and donations. All donations raised will be used on projects to maintain and improve the theatre buildings and audience experience.

Can you spare £25?

For only £25 we are offering the opportunity to have your name or a short message on a tile that will be added to our commemorative roof appeal mural which will be displayed at the rear of the auditorium. Proceeds from the tiles will go towards the cost of replacing the theatre roof.

Here’s a mock up of what it could look like:-

Mock up of The Swallow Theatre tile board

If you would like to support Scotland’s Smallest Theatre as we start to reopen, but don’t wish to have a tile we also have a donations page.

Every tile purchase or donation received is greatly appreciated.

Buy A Tile and support Scotland's smallest theatre.

Price : £25

Tiles are 7.5cm x 3cm.
Each tile can have up to 3 lines containing a maximum of 25 characters per line (including spaces and punctuation).
Your message will also be listed on a thank you page on our website.
The message could be anonymous or a quote from a play or some motivational words if you prefer not to have your name published.
We shall get in touch with you within a few weeks of your order so that you can tell us your words. If, however, you know what message you would like on your tile please write it in the boxes below (75 characters maximum)
Product Price

Donations Terms and Conditions

Donations are made to The Swallow Theatre, a private partnership which maintains and operates The Swallow Theatre, which is a private building owned by the partners of The Swallow Theatre partnership. Donations are not eligible for Gift Aid and should not be entered on your tax return (if applicable).

The partners currently take no income from the partnership – rather they currently subsidize the running and upgrade costs of the venue from their personal money. The long-term plan is to make the venue self-sustaining by generating sufficient income for it to cover its costs.The owners have no plans to sell the venue or to cease trading for the foreseeable future. However, should a family urgency, major sickness or death occur which means they are no longer able to operate the theatre, or if for any other reason the theatre had to cease operating, no refund of your donation will be made. 

The Swallow Theatre reserves the right to refuse any donation and to approve all wording of tiles to be included in the fundraiser mural. Donations do not entitle you to any rights in The Swallow Theatre or the Roof Appeal, including ownership, control or intellectual property rights.

If funds raised for The Swallow Theatre Roof Appeal are in excess of the final amount required to repair the roof, the donations will be used for similar maintenance and upgrade projects to the theatre and foyer.

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