Can you help us to raise £15,125 to replace the theatre roof

Scotland’s smallest theatre needs a new roof. Help to ensure another 25 years of professional drama and music in rural Dumfries & Galloway.

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Target : £25,000. Raised up to 31/08/2020 : £4,652

Can you help us to raise £25,000 to replace the roof?


If you would like to donate a greater amount than the options offer here please contact us for details.

The Swallow Theatre was converted from a ruined barn in 1996, with an agricultural-style roof in keeping with the building. The roof is going to need major works within the next couple of years. As well as the roof covering, some of the timbers and insulation board may also needed treatment, repair and possible replacement.

Although we have done some remedial work, a complete replacement of the whole roof is now probably the best option.

The most important consideration will be to maintain the beautiful acoustic within the building that actors, musicians and audiences so love.

Initial research suggests that we are looking at a cost of up to £25,000 which is a huge amount for us to find. We would ideally like to undertake the work at the end of this year (2020) ahead of our 25th anniversary season, although we realise in this current crisis this may need to be delayed.

We appreciate that things are difficult for many of us at the moment and that there are a lot of causes and individuals requesting financial help.

If you enjoy visiting The Swallow Theatre, or plan to come here in the future, and you can spare a small amount to help us, we would be very grateful. We will then be able to to continue to bring some of the of the UK’s best small-scale touring drama and music to this magical miniature theatre.

Donations can be made online or we can accept cheques (made payable to The Swallow Theatre) and all amounts are most welcome and will go directly to the roof appeal.

Many people have already made donations and for those we are very grateful.

A plaque scheme for donations of £25 or above will be available shortly. We will contact all those individuals or organisations who have made that level of donation when the scheme is launched to see if they would like their generous donation recognised with a plaque.

Thank You

Donations are made to The Swallow Theatre, a private partnership which maintains and operates The Swallow Theatre, which is a private building owned by the partners of The Swallow Theatre partnership. Donations are not eligible for Gift Aid and should not be entered on your tax return (if applicable).

The partners currently take no income from the partnership – rather they currently subsidize the running and upgrade costs of the venue from their personal money. The long-term plan is to make the venue self-sustaining by generating sufficient income for it to cover its costs.

The owners have no plans to sell the venue or to cease trading for the foreseeable future. However, should a family urgency, major sickness or death occur which means they are no longer able to operate the theatre, or if for any other reason the theatre had to cease operating, no refund of your donation will be made. However, if you have donated specifically to The Swallow Theatre Roof Appeal, and should the roof repair not commence, donors will have their money refunded. No refund of your donation to The Swallow Theatre Roof Appeal will be available once the roof work has commenced

If funds raised for The Swallow Theatre Roof Appeal are in excess of the final amount required to repair the roof, the donations will be used for similar maintenance and upgrade projects to the theatre and foyer.

The Swallow Theatre reserves the right to refuse any donation and to approve all wording of tiles to be included in the fundraiser mural. Donations do not entitle you to any rights in The Swallow Theatre of the Roof Appeal, including ownership, control or intellectual property rights.

Thank you for your donation.
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